bobby and emilies twitter pics vs. scenes they were shooting

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me: i don't like him me: i don't like him me: i don't like him me: i don't like him him: hi me: sweet jesus why are you perfect

me looking through my tumblr dashboard

me: haha that's funny me: woah, vintage me: i don't get the joke - oh, it's from a tv show i don't watch me: i NEED those shoes but i can't afford it me: the words on this gif needs to stop going by so fast me: i wonder if its pronounced gif or jif me: AH where did that nude come from scrolldownscrolldownscrolldown me: this text post is LITERALLY me omg me: no wait this text post is also LITERALLY me shit strangers on the internet know me better than i know myself me: ugh i've seen this photo on my dash like a bazillion times me: ooo hello hottie, *blushes at picture of shirtless guy on screen* me: damn that quote is deep man me: OKAY i'm going to start exercising asap me: but these donuts look fine as hell, great now i'm hungry me: woah that response was smooth as fuck

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Pretty Little Liars//Spencer and Hanna 4.16 ”Close EncountersSneak Peek[x]

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Crying. What is wrong with us? @gnatpee

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do you ever just think about kissing someone for 500 years

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"My love, you have my heart for all eternity and if… If I die in that Arena… my last thought will be of your lips.”

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