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Best of Charlie Swan.

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A N N E    B O L E Y N
↳  1.02 “Simply Henry”

”[…] Perhaps you could imagine a way to keep his interest more… prolonged? I daresay you learned things in France. How to play his passions? There’s something deep and dangerous in you, Anne. Those eyes of yours are like dark hooks for the soul.”

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High up on my inner thigh. I’m thinking some sort of sexual act. I mean. I can’t think of many other ways that kind of thing would happen.

Everywhere. Literally everywhere.

My birthmark is a tiny spot on my armpit….

Mine is on my shoulder, might have been shot. 

On my back, over my heart. Little round dot.

On my lip????


I’ve got a small mark between my fingers. How does that even make sense ? Was I a terrible assassin that let a poisoned needle slip ?

I got like three little dots in a line just under my collar bones wtf is that supposed to be

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when I first saw this gif I didn’t realize that the water was shallow so I was like “OH MY GOD ITS TUMBLING JESUS”



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I haven’t had a laptop for a full year because I’v been in Australia and now I have it back and gifs work and I’ve never been so excited!

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